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Sabtu, 12 Maret 2016

Attractions In Raja Ampat Island

Attractions of the most beautiful in the islands of Raja Ampat is a series of four clusters, namely adjacent islands and is definitely located in the west at the head of birds (vogelkoop) on the island of Papua, and administratively, and the cluster has been under the district of Raja Ampat of course, the western part of Papua province. The archipelago has now become a tourist destination and the divers were very interested in the beauty of which is owned Raja Ampat underwater scenery is very charming. Four islands that have become members and it was named the islands of Raja Ampat and according to the four biggest islands. That is Waigeo Island, and Misool Island, and also salawati and Batanta Island, now for those of you who want to visit at Raja Ampat Island this guarantee will not be disappointed with its beauty.

Attractions In Raja Ampat Island

Well that's one of the attractions that Indonesia hope you enjoy the places of tourist attractions in Indonesia. Also visit the tourist attractions and other premises.

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